Partner in Every Period of your life.

Eluring aims to be a partner in every period of your life

Our goal is to become a partner for women all around the world by providing them with an application that is going to make things easier for them in their periods whether it’s related to their hygiene or health. Women can track their periods and health, they can subscribe to a our care Subscription Box. Women will be able to connect with Women-exclusive community. Eluring will provide knowledge and education to women for improving their physical and mental health. Eluring is completely free of cost with all its features and there are no Ads running on it

Period & Health Tracker

Best and most easier period and health tracker without any Ads and all features are completely free for everyone

Subscription Box

Subscribe to our monthly box as per your needs and we will take care of you by delivering hygiene products and other necessary products to your door step


Learn DOs and DONTs related to health in periods. Get to read an interesting blog post everyday

Amazing Features

A Mobile Application that is going to give you the freedom from worries of access to hygiene products during periods. You will get knowledge and education about periods, your mental and physical health betterment

Period Tracker

We aim to help you in periods and making your life easier. All the features of our application are completely free of cost. No ads will bother you while using Eluring.


You will have access to the portal where you can get knowledge and education regarding periods through blogs and also learn about DOs and DONTs before and after periods.

Subscription Box

You can subscribe to a service where a Box filled with necessary things for women's Health and Hygiene will be delivered to your address just a day or two before your period starts.


You will have access to the women-exclusive community to connect with other women all around the world and talk about whatever topics you would like to talk about.


What People Say


Amazing interface

A mobile application that is going to be a partner for women in their periods


Affordable Pricing

You can choose either Care Subscription Box or Comfort Subscription Box. Our prices are with the minimum profit margins and 10% from our profit always goes to Charities working for women around the world. You can choose the box for 1 month upto 12 months.

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App is underdevelopment, will be available soon